Personal, powerful car intelligence to avoid speeding tickets and simplify your driving experience, legally, anywhere.


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Built to go places.

Safebrick is an smart device that fits your car, helping you transform and enhance everyday driving moments. Get real-time gently warnings if you exceed the speed limit, drive down a one-way street or exit ramp of a motorway. And get information on road conditions and timely awareness if you  approach a school zone. Safebrick quickly acknowledges good driving behavior with green light feedback.

Speed Limit Info

Road Condition

School Zone Aware

Wrong Way Alert


Safety Focus

Simplified drive

- anywhere.


Make your car even smarter. Safebrick works in any car any urban and non-urban road networks cross the world including the US, Canada, EU and Australia. Providing an extra level of personalized comfort.


Scandinavian design.


Made from premium-crafted materials with remarkable attention to detail. Completed with an elegant Nordic black finish, to seamlessly integrate and match the clean lines and sophisticated colors of modern vehicle´s design.

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Place it. Drive it.

Auto-start when starting your car, Safebrick automatically activates and connects to your smartphone. In case you forgot your phone, Safebrick will tell before you depart on the road.

Personal. Thoughtful. Powerful.

Safebrick features remarkably long battery life, high-performance light guide, magnetic battery cover, single button interface, Bluetooth low energy, crystal-clear speaker and the Safebrick designed S1 chip makes it possible.

Thinks, before it speaks.

You can optionally choose light or gentle warning sounds to assist. Over time, Safebrick learns from behaviors, preferences and surroundings and tailors the driving experience to be even more personalized.

Color light ring

Gentle Sounds


Friendly Voice

High-performance light guide

S1 chip Safebrick design

Up to 2y battery life

Wireless connection

Crystal-clear speaker

Magnetic battery cover


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