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In 2014 Co-Founders John Sebastian  and Carsten Gildum set out to innovate safer driving for everybody, using the same advanced technologies and high-quality manufacturing processes as the highly expensive head-up display solutions from the car manufacturers .


Safebrick’s mission is to create thoughtful technology and smart design to make people’s lives easier, safer and better. The company will remain focused on advancing the connected driving experience and keep value-creating for Safebrick drivers. In doing so, Safebrick will further expand within intelligent real-time map technologies, innovative location-based services, applying the best of today’s technology and design.

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The Safebrick Team is committed to make the driving experience safer. Team members build on 20 years of technology, design and go-to-market experience from world class consumer-facing companies including Audi, AT&T, Ebay, Nokia, Samsung Electronics and Sony.


“We hope it will not only save money on traffic fines and fuel emission, but that it will inspire people to think about improving individual safety also means safer roads for all users. And improving traffic flows equals more climate-friendly driving.”


Our core values: Safety, Quality and Care.


Safebrick is based in Copenhagen, Denmark.


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