* Coming this fall.

1. Speed Camera Indication is not available in some countries.

2. Battery life varies by use and configuration.

Some features may not be available for all countries or all areas. Click here to see complete coverage list.

Requires: Supported smartphone, internet access.

WARNING: The driver is always responsible for the vehicle safety and maintaining a suitable speed.

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Features / Services
•  Safebrick Audio & Light communication
•  Current speed limit info
•  Speed Cam Alert
•  Road Condition
•  Accident Ahead
•  School zones aware
•  Wrong way alert
•  Forgot your smartphone indicator
•  Night Time Activation
•  Dimensions: W98 X H98 X D16 (mm)
•  Weight: 160g
•  Color: Nordic Black
•  High performance adhesive pads: 3M
•  Safebrick Advance Light Guide
•  Build-in speaker
•  Single button control
•  Replaceable batteries
•  Magnetic closing battery compartment
Wireless Connectivity
•  Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)
•  Automatic Start-stop
•  Smartphone auto-connect
•  Power on - self-test
•  Home/leaving home function
On Mobile Device Controls
•  Type of notifications
•  Alert sensibility level
•  Voice and tone adjust
•  Sound and brightness level
•  Unit km / Miles
•  Bluetooth
Safebrick Connect App
Free to download from:
Apple Store and Android Market.
In app and Safebrick Voice languages: English
Operating system requirements:
iOS 8 or later / Android 4.1 or later
Up to 2y
Battery Life
Light Guide
S1 Chip
Safebrick Design
Battery Cover

Everything you need to know.

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Set up in three simple steps.


Set up your Safebrick in just minutes using your iPhone or Android device.

Timely awareness.

Your safety.


Get information on road conditions, school zones and timely awareness if an accident has occurred on your road ahead.

Road Condition

Know the basics.


When Safebrick has something to say, it speaks to you with its pulsing colour ring and with a real human voice so you don't have to guess what it's trying to tell.


Clear, day or night.


Safebrick is clear in any weather condition, and adapts from day and night with night time activation.

Decide how Safebrick responds.


You have total control over when and how you want Safebrick to respond. Optionally choose sensitivity level and adjust light and sound settings.

Designed with no compromise.
Safebrick features remarkably long battery life, high-performance light guide, magnetic battery cover, single button interface, Bluetooth low energy, crystal-clear speaker and the Safebrick designed S1 chip makes it possible.

"Be aware.

 Smartphone missing."

School Zone Aware


Blue light ring indicates that batteries and sensors are active and ready to go.


Yellow light ring provides service information.




Accident Ahead*


Allways informed.

Stay in control.


Get gently warnings if you exceed the speed limit, and if a speed cameras is ahead. Or if you are about to drive down a one-way street or exit ramp of a motorway.

It's better than smart.

It's thoughtful.


In case you forgot your smartphone, Safebrick will tell before you depart on the road. For the best way to start off your day.


Speed Limit Info




Download and run the Safebrick App


Connect your Safebrick to the App


Place it in your car windscreen


Speed Cam Alert


Red light ring means you are exceeding the speed limit, or passing through no entry sign.

Safety Focus

Green light ring acknowledges good driving behavior as positive feedback.

Wrong Way Alert